Counselling regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications for companies in Graz

Recognising and promoting existing qualifications

The offer supports companies in Graz with potential employees from abroad in facilitating the recognition of qualifications they have gained abroad.

The offer includes

  1. Preparation and dissemination of information: The service offers comprehensive advice for companies in Graz on the recognition procedure for qualifications acquired abroad. This also includes support throughout the entire process and information on basic legal regulations.
  2. Free counselling for companies: Companies in Graz can access the service free of charge to clarify their needs and receive support in recognising the qualifications of their potential employees.
  3. Promoting cooperation: The service strengthens structural cooperation between companies, potential employees and other stakeholders. The aim is to jointly develop  solutions and promote the integration of qualified workers.

This offer is intended to encourage companies in Graz to counteract the shortage of skilled labour by drawing on workers with qualifications gained abroad. At the same time, understanding and co-operation between all parties involved will be improved to enable effective integration.

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