to respect + engage :: to educate + validate

To respect + engage :: to educate + validate is a service created for young unaccompanied refugees. The project‘s aim is to provide young refugees with knowledge and strenghten their sense of self and personality development through workshops.

During a course of workshops, the adolescents will create a podcast which gives insights into their lives and shares further background information. Producing podcast episodes gives them the opportunity to be active, get creative and talk about their experiences. The podcast will be accessible countrywide.

Starting point

Unaccompanied minors (refugee orphans) find themselves in an especially challenging situation. They were forced to flee their home countries, leave their parents and families behind, while oftentimes having suffered traumatising experiences in their countries of origin and during the flight. In Austria, the legal status as asylum-seeker places them on hold until they receive a decision on their asylum application.


Young refugees will get the opportunity to…

  • … learn how to become self-aware and discover their own potential.
  • … find out more about their legal situation.
  • … acquire knowledge about discrimination, democracy, and human rights.
  • … talk with a person of trust (workshop leader).
  • … get to experience more about „Austrian culture“.
  • … learn to adopt positive coping strategies for their everyday lives.

The workshops will be held in cooperation with the respective accomodation facility.

ZEBRA‘s diverse range of services and expertise serves as an ideal basis to develop a specific service for young unaccompanied refugees in order to prevent extremism and racism.


ZEBRA – Interkulturelles
Beratungs- und Therapiezentrum

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