Family counselling and active parents

Counselling is multilingual (German, English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), free of charge, anonymous and confidential!

We can help you with these topics:

  • Family and law: conflicts and problems in relationships, partnerships and families; separation and divorce; parenting problems; generational conflicts; information on marriage and family law; custody; maintenance and pension entitlements.
  • The world of work: childcare; reconciliation; mobbing; problematic employment relationships; multiple stressors
  • Poverty and risk of poverty: Counselling and information in financial emergencies; securing livelihoods
  • Family planning, pregnancy: support in decision-making; information and support; counselling on social, financial and health issues
  • Health problems: Counselling and information on psychosomatic issues, depression, loneliness, anxiety and other mental illnesses; referral to and cooperation with other organisations
  • Violence: physical, psychological and sexual violence; prevention of violence, cooperation with other support institutions (violence protection centre Gewaltschutzzentrum, women’s shelter Frauenhaus)


ZEBRA – Interkulturelles
Beratungs- und Therapiezentrum

Please contact us to make an appointment!

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