When people experience violence, this can lead to great suffering and fears, from which the affected cannot easily escape without professional help. With this offer, ZEBRA supports people who have experienced flight and migration and have lived through war and violence. We help them to recognise negative reaction patterns and find the courage for a new and well-supported beginning.

ZEBRA implements the following services in Styria within RESET:

  • psychological treatment and psychotherapy
  • a women’s group with a focus on body and relaxation exercises
  • a men’s group with a focus on body and relaxation exercises
  • A men’s group for emotion regulation and stabilization

The psychological treatment focuses on psychoeducation, dealing with negative thoughts and feelings, self-care and strengthening resources. Together with the ZEBRA psychologist, clients work on personal stress management, emotion regulation and emotional stabilisation.

The group offers with a focus on body and relaxation exercises also support the ability to reduce stress. This has a positive effect on body awareness, the ability to reflect, sleep, everyday life and relationships.

The offer is free of charge and confidential for clients and is carried out with specially trained interpreters.


ZEBRA – Interkulturelles
Beratungs- und Therapiezentrum

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